Lieder und Texte für unsere Zukunft

I don´t go to school on Friday

I don´t go to school on Fridays,

can´t sit on my chair and learn,

can´t memorize the stories of my teacher,

have to go my own way.

I know my parents love me,

maybe just a little bit more,

gettin` on my feet every Friday,

and not to a candy store.

Well it´s all ´cause of  “Fridays for Future”

and it makes me feel so good inside,

got to be “one for future”,

keeps me satisfied.

Don´t want a Mercedes Roadster,

don´t want not only joy

mh, there ain´t nothing better,

come on and let us try.

Well, it´s the only thing,

that can pick me up,

better than a cup of gold,

meet us all on Fridays,

that ´s what satisfies our souls.

When the weather gets rough

and it gets warmer (!) every day,

it´s best to stand together, search a better way.

They miss us at school, yeah that´s OK,

we hate their lies, we are here to stay.

Well, it´s all ´cause of “Fridays for Future”,

good enough, you see,

stop the fossil pasture,

come on: you and me.

Well, it´s all ´cause they forgot Paris

and what they decided there.

Let us stay together
shout out: How can you dare?

shout out: How can you dare?

Nach Tom Waits´ "Chocolate Jesus" (Don´t go to church on sunday)
Text: Norbert Heitkamp